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Chicago Lakefront Wedding Photography in the Snow: Igor and Olya

Igor and Olya are happily expecting and had an intimate wedding ceremony at the Chicago Cultural Center.

After the ceremony, we ventured into the snow for a portrait session.   What troopers!   Olya wore ballet slippers and had no complaints about trudging in the snow!

This couple honestly would do anything for a photograph, and I honestly loved documenting them.

Thanks so much, you two!   Can’t wait to meet the little one!

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Liesl Diesel - Ah these are expressive and lovely. Thank you for sharing them!

Judy Fidkowski - BEAUTIFUL!

Chicago Family Photography: Baby Parker

What do you get with two terrific parents, four adopted cats and a gorgeous little baby girl named Parker?

A house full of love.

Thanks, Rob and Christine, Parker, and the four cats whose names I cannot remember, for having me over!

Cannot wait to watch Parker grow!


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Kim Cusic Roberts - That baby is soooo cute!

Rob Hart Photography - Beautiful images! It’s nice to be in a photo once in a while.

My Favorite Chicago Wedding and Engagement images of 2012

I started taking photographs at age six, worked as a photojournalist for most of my life, then branched into weddings out of curiosity.

And, I discovered that I love documenting love.

I truly wish to thank my clients for allowing me to capture moments inside their private spaces, their emotions, and their big day.

Thank you!

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Kim Cusic Roberts - Great pictures Lil Sis! So proud of you and all that you have accomplished!

Shanteka Sigers - These pictures are all amazeballs.

My Favorite iPhone photographs of 2012

My iPhone has taught me a few things about photography.   I’ve been a photographer most of my life, but I’ve never shot landscapes before.   As a photojournalist, I crave people and their emotion in my images.

Looking through my 2012 iPhone photographs, there are hardly any people.

I found I embraced the light, anywhere I could, and opened myself to taking a photograph of something I hadn’t focused on with my professional cameras.

A water fountain.  A sunset.  Barstools.  A duck!

I discovered I love shooting details with my iPhone.  Not worrying over emotional content and just documenting what I saw, relying on my own emotion to carry through to the photograph.

  I also didn’t take a million photographs of one thing, working the frame endlessly like I do on the job.   I tried to limit myself to three frames of something and then move on.

That didn’t last long.   I did, however, consciously try to not overshoot, or overthink, what I was documenting.

There’s a joke in Chicago, where I live, that you can spot the tourists downtown on Michigan Ave. as they’re the only ones who look up.

I realized that I looked up quite a bit with my iPhone.

And, I remembered something I learned while studying Photojournalism in college.

It’s not the camera you use.   It’s what you do with it.

Wishing you all a wonderful year.

And, hope you take a second to look up every once in a while.

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Regina Dieker - Love them all. The duck makes me giggle.

Nate Broshot - Love it Cusic! your an ANIMAL!

Candice C. Cusic - You’re the sweetest, Nate! Thank you!! :-)

Rebecca Ickes - Still awed by that water fountain one. :)

Heather DeCamp - Beautiful!

Planes, Trains and Automobiles, through my iPhone…

Traveling can be pretty stressful.   The waiting.   The delays.   The endless lines of people, like yourself, who just want to get somewhere.  Anywhere.

During a massive flight delay last month at O’Hare Airport, instead of fuming behind my iPad, I spent the day taking photographs of travelers with my iPhone.  Sticking with the traveling theme, I visited Chicago’s Union Station the Friday before Christmas.  I’m including images from both the airport and the train station here… the only auto used was my own, thankfully taking me away from the waiting and safely to my destination.

I wish you all a very happy holiday and safe travels!

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