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Chicago Lakefront Engagement Photography: Amy and Dominic

To say these two are troopers for photography is putting it mildly.   They were actually excited to go shoot their engagement session in frigid temperatures!   We share a fondness for cold weather, and cold it was!  Thank you, Amy and Dominic, and I cannot wait for your wedding!   Stay warm!!

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Chicago Lakefront Wedding Photography in the Snow: Igor and Olya

Igor and Olya are happily expecting and had an intimate wedding ceremony at the Chicago Cultural Center.

After the ceremony, we ventured into the snow for a portrait session.   What troopers!   Olya wore ballet slippers and had no complaints about trudging in the snow!

This couple honestly would do anything for a photograph, and I honestly loved documenting them.

Thanks so much, you two!   Can’t wait to meet the little one!

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Liesl Diesel - Ah these are expressive and lovely. Thank you for sharing them!

Judy Fidkowski - BEAUTIFUL!

Chicago Family Photography: Baby Parker

What do you get with two terrific parents, four adopted cats and a gorgeous little baby girl named Parker?

A house full of love.

Thanks, Rob and Christine, Parker, and the four cats whose names I cannot remember, for having me over!

Cannot wait to watch Parker grow!


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Kim Cusic Roberts - That baby is soooo cute!

Rob Hart Photography - Beautiful images! It’s nice to be in a photo once in a while.

My Favorite Chicago Wedding and Engagement images of 2012

I started taking photographs at age six, worked as a photojournalist for most of my life, then branched into weddings out of curiosity.

And, I discovered that I love documenting love.

I truly wish to thank my clients for allowing me to capture moments inside their private spaces, their emotions, and their big day.

Thank you!

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Kim Cusic Roberts - Great pictures Lil Sis! So proud of you and all that you have accomplished!

Shanteka Sigers - These pictures are all amazeballs.

My Favorite iPhone photographs of 2012

My iPhone has taught me a few things about photography.   I’ve been a photographer most of my life, but I’ve never shot landscapes before.   As a photojournalist, I crave people and their emotion in my images.

Looking through my 2012 iPhone photographs, there are hardly any people.

I found I embraced the light, anywhere I could, and opened myself to taking a photograph of something I hadn’t focused on with my professional cameras.

A water fountain.  A sunset.  Barstools.  A duck!

I discovered I love shooting details with my iPhone.  Not worrying over emotional content and just documenting what I saw, relying on my own emotion to carry through to the photograph.

  I also didn’t take a million photographs of one thing, working the frame endlessly like I do on the job.   I tried to limit myself to three frames of something and then move on.

That didn’t last long.   I did, however, consciously try to not overshoot, or overthink, what I was documenting.

There’s a joke in Chicago, where I live, that you can spot the tourists downtown on Michigan Ave. as they’re the only ones who look up.

I realized that I looked up quite a bit with my iPhone.

And, I remembered something I learned while studying Photojournalism in college.

It’s not the camera you use.   It’s what you do with it.

Wishing you all a wonderful year.

And, hope you take a second to look up every once in a while.

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Regina Dieker - Love them all. The duck makes me giggle.

Nate Broshot - Love it Cusic! your an ANIMAL!

Candice C. Cusic - You’re the sweetest, Nate! Thank you!! :-)

Rebecca Ickes - Still awed by that water fountain one. :)

Heather DeCamp - Beautiful!