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Bermuda… as seen through my iPhone

My sister and I again ventured to Bermuda for vacation, iPhones in hand, and had to cut our trip short because of an impending hurricane.

During our short stay, I only focused on Bermuda’s color.

I document people most every week, but in Bermuda, I’m not interested in photographing faces… just color, textures, sunsets and the green walls of The Greenbank Guest House & Cottages, where we stay each time we visit.  Admittedly, most of our trips are spent floating in the ocean at The Greenbank… it’s rare that we even make it to land at all! :-)

A short and sweet trip!   Thank you, Bermuda… hope to see you soon!

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Kim Cusic Roberts - I miss it already!

Melanie Ashton Hocking - These are gorgeous! I love the ones of Greenbank! Thank you for sharing!

Ellen Detlefsen - Wow–the two architectural studies of the green Greenbank walls and roofs are spectacular—we do love that guesthouse and the Ashtons! We’ve only been there 35+ times…;^) Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Suzanne Thurwanger - Amazing job! Love it!

Chicago Wedding Photography: Just One…

I had such a terrific time shooting with my friend, Kevin Weinstein, and I wanted share this moment I captured of Winifred and Jonathan’s first look outside the Chicago Union League Club.

A first look is when the bride and groom meet before the wedding ceremony… it’s always something to see, and something I love to document.  Jonathan’s reaction to his beautiful bride is priceless!

Thanks so much, Kevin, Winnie and Jonathan!

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Nancy Beale - Fantastic shot!

Candice C. Cusic - Thank you, Nancy!! Miss you guys! :-)

Chicago Wedding Photography at Schubas: Jennifer and Matt

Jen and Matt were lucky enough to have their wedding at Schuba’s Tavern… who knew they held weddings?  These two rock stars had their intimate ceremony and brunch inside this live music venue and Matt even joined his band onstage for a few songs.   I loved how their simple wedding had a lot of beautiful details, and even more laughs. :-)

After their ceremony, we headed to Uncle Fun for some fun shots.

Which included the creepiest doll I have ever seen. :-)

Thanks so much, you two!   What a fun wedding!   I absolutely loved documenting your day!

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Cindy Collander - Great pictures….is that all there is? We want more!!!!

Sue Collander - What a coupla gorgeous fun now married kids! Excellent pics, Candice! Yay!

Sandra Vecchio - Love…Love..Love all of the pictures…and the one in the window is priceless…so sweet

Josette Vecchio Daniels - Funny!

Catherine Prest - What a fun wedding! Great photo’s xx

Chicago Engagement Photography: Kathy and Christopher

Kathy and Christopher first contacted me to document their wedding through email and the subject line simply stated,

“Introductions for the Most Awesome Wedding that Ever Awesomed!”

Which I thought was pretty awesome. :-)

Thanks, you two!   Can’t wait for your big day, I know it’ll be awesome!!

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Chicago Engagement Photography: Caitlin and Tim

Caitlin and Tim are both adventurers with a love of traveling together.   I didn’t realize that our engagement session at North Avenue Beach would be an adventure, but it was.   Massive wind, spiraling waves and several sandstorms.   They shone through it like they always do… together, and happy. :-)

Thanks, you two!   Can’t wait for your wedding!!

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David Bock - Super cute Candice! :D