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Wedding Photographer Workshop in the Hamptons: Not Your Average Potluck!

What else can you do while living in a house with 19 wedding photographers?

Relax.  Be comfortable being ugly.   Jammies.   No makeup.  No egos.

  Learn from each other.  Everyone gave a presentation involving their skills, which is why we called it a “Potluck!”  You must bring something to the table!

And, take a million iPhone images.  At least, I did.   I brought my professional cameras and they sat useless in a closet.

Thank you, my friends, for creating and supporting an incredible week in the Hamptons.

I learned so much from you, and truly enjoyed laughing with you!

It’s rare to see photographers so happy to share their pricing, their marketing, their secrets.

I’m so happy to have friends that are so incredibly supportive.

We all make images,

This week was about sharing.

 I will always remember how great it feels to be surrounded by others who love the same thing.


 This is, quite possibly, my favorite image I shot all week.   Mark Janzen and Kate McElwee having fun behind a large billboard in Shelter Island.

Jenny DeMarco and I joined in!

Mark Janzen and Ed Atrero braving the cold for some images.

Thanks, Mark, for taking these next two for me!

We were supposed to jump on the count of three… hmm!

Joe Appel tries on Kate’s coat… good fit!  :-)

I fell in love with this tree in Shelter Island.

Joe, Kate, Gulnara and I brave the wind in the name of iPhoneography.

Pretty Nadine!

Jenny strikes a pose!

Cool Ed with even cooler light.

Gulnara gets Photo Bombed while sporting perfect accessories for the weather.

Windy Joe!

Ben and Kate.

Another tree… I grew up in N.C., so yes, I adore trees!  :-)

Pretty Aga!

Lovely ladies Sherry and Jenny.

My bestie Kate and myself.

And a little heart in the trees!   Look to the bottom right!   Awww!! :-)

Ben and Caroline.

Shooting the shooter, Kate, and watching my background!

Ed, Gulnara and Kate wait for the caffeine to kick in!

What a week!   Thanks, James, for the photo!   Who said photographers couldn’t pose?

Much love to my friends Kate McElwee, Mark Janzen, Nadine Latief, Genevieve and James Nisly, Joe Appel,  Sherry Pickerell,  Gulnara Samoilova, Julie Lowry,  Jenny DeMarcoCaroline and BenBritney and Joe (thanks so much, Britney, for the lovely new logo!), Steve KooMike GarrardAga Matuszewska, and Ed Atrero!

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Ed Atrero - AWESOME! Boom Boom PowWow!

Joe Appel - I love these photos so much! Funny, my wife calls me “Windy Joe” all of the time :)

Gulnara Samoilova - Fun! PowWow!

Mike Garrard - Pow-to-the-Wow.

Joe Rumore - Love the images! It really was so great getting to know you better! We can’t wait to see you again and share even more! Wow! Pow! :)

Kate McElwee - I just spent ten minutes looking through these again. Such awesome shots… such beautiful memories. Big love.

Chicago Photojournalism Classes: My students


I’ve taught Photojournalism at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University for over ten years, but, in the last seven weeks, I’ve done something different.

I had the pleasure of teaching at the Chicago Photography Center, working with adults for the first time.

We spent some time outdoors while they learned camera basics, then ventured into the cavernous basement of the CPC, formally a bank vault, and had fun shooting while I gave a lighting demonstration.

I am extremely proud of what my students accomplished in just a short time, documenting strangers like professionals and telling their stories.    Thanks so much, CPC students, I can’t wait to watch you grow behind the camera!


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Chicago Lincoln Park Engagement Photography: Liz and Ryan

What I remember most about documenting Liz and Ryan is laughing.  I laughed so much with these two!

This day also happens to be the end-all, be-all day of amazing found parking I’ve ever had on a shoot in Chicago, and it’s because I had Liz and Ryan with me.   Rock star parking at every location we ventured to, including downtown and Lincoln Park (or Lincoln NO Park as it is commonly known in Chicago!)    It will probably never happen again, which is why I would love to spend more time with Liz and Ryan, especially when I am in need of a belly laugh, or a killer parking spot. :-)

Thanks so much, you two!   Cannot wait to document your wedding!

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