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Planes, Trains and Automobiles, through my iPhone…

Traveling can be pretty stressful.   The waiting.   The delays.   The endless lines of people, like yourself, who just want to get somewhere.  Anywhere.

During a massive flight delay last month at O’Hare Airport, instead of fuming behind my iPad, I spent the day taking photographs of travelers with my iPhone.  Sticking with the traveling theme, I visited Chicago’s Union Station the Friday before Christmas.  I’m including images from both the airport and the train station here… the only auto used was my own, thankfully taking me away from the waiting and safely to my destination.

I wish you all a very happy holiday and safe travels!

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Chicago Wedding Photography: Emily and Aron

Emily and Aron didn’t let a thunderous evening spoil their wedding night on a boat, the Chicago’s Leading Lady, in the Chicago River.   Surrounded by family and friends, they handled the weather changes with ease and with a lot of laughter.   Congratulations, you two!   I loved documenting your big day!

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Chicago Courthouse Wedding Photography: Natasha and Isidro

Natasha and Isidro contacted me to document their courthouse wedding in the Chicago suburbs, as they plan to have a large wedding in Natasha’s home town of London.  I love documenting love, and their day was made even more special with the support of their families.   Congratulations, you two!

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Sanoobar Patel - Beautiful pictures, Tash you look stunning! :)

Chicago Wedding Photography at Hotel 71: Caitlin and Tim

Caitlin and Tim didn’t let nonstop rain dampen their spirits on their wedding day, and they were amazingly adaptable with their plans.   Shoot their first look and family formals in Caitlin’s parents’ living room instead of the park?   No problem.   Take their friends on a fun-filled bus ride in Chicago traffic on a Friday afternoon?   Why not!   I really loved how nothing was going to get them down on their day… the most important thing was being with their friends and family and this, like the rain, they were surrounded by.

Thanks for a fantastic night, you two!

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Bermuda… as seen through my iPhone

My sister and I again ventured to Bermuda for vacation, iPhones in hand, and had to cut our trip short because of an impending hurricane.

During our short stay, I only focused on Bermuda’s color.

I document people most every week, but in Bermuda, I’m not interested in photographing faces… just color, textures, sunsets and the green walls of The Greenbank Guest House & Cottages, where we stay each time we visit.  Admittedly, most of our trips are spent floating in the ocean at The Greenbank… it’s rare that we even make it to land at all! :-)

A short and sweet trip!   Thank you, Bermuda… hope to see you soon!

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Kim Cusic Roberts - I miss it already!

Melanie Ashton Hocking - These are gorgeous! I love the ones of Greenbank! Thank you for sharing!

Ellen Detlefsen - Wow–the two architectural studies of the green Greenbank walls and roofs are spectacular—we do love that guesthouse and the Ashtons! We’ve only been there 35+ times…;^) Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Suzanne Thurwanger - Amazing job! Love it!